Each year Garneau Tennis Club hosts a number of tournaments.  Please check back to see upcoming tournament information and results from past tournaments.

Upcoming Events for 2018:
Junior Champs U14 May 10th-13th.

Garneau Hackers May 24th-27th. 

Doubles Club Championships July 20th-22nd. 
This is a tournament for Garneau members only. Events will include Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Registration opens soon!
Singles Club Championships August 10th-12th. 
This is a tournament for Garneau members only. Events will include Women's Championship Singles (4.0 and above), Women's Challenger Singles (3.5 and below), Men's Championship Singles (4.0 and above), and Men's Challenger Singles (3.5 and below). Registration opens soon!
Garneau Centennial Aug 30th-Sept 3rd. 
Garneau Centennial is our largest tournament of the year. Events will include Men's Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles at both 5.0 and Open levels. Registration opens soon!

2017 Results!
Doubles Club Championships July 28-30
Congrats to our champions!
Men's Doubles: Tobiasz Strozyk and Sebastian Pavlovic
Women's Doubles: Carina Bitting and Mayumi Hagiwara
Mixed Doubles:  Jonathan Pearson and Mayumi Hagiwara 
Singles Club Championships August 11-13
Men's Singles: Vic Bella
Women's Singles: Bonnie Crowther

Garneau Centennial August 31-September 4

2016 Results!

Garneau Doubles Club Championships

Date: July 21-24

Mens Doubles Champions:
Vuk Radovic & Looruraja Rasu

Mixed Doubles Champions:
Carson Bell & Nawal Youssef

Garneau Singles Club Championships

Date: August 19-21

Vuk Radovic


Clarissa Binkley