Box League

BOX 1Keith BienertRichard KarlssonBrandon JamesMarcus MillerKeith Morris 
Keith BienertX 
Richard KarlssonX 
Brandon JamesX 
Marcus MillerX 
Keith MorrisX 
BOX 2Thuy CaoLuc BerthiaumeStuart ShawCarmen SychVictor OcampoPaul Barrette 
Thuy CaoX4-85-710-28-4 
Luc Berthiaume8-4X8-4 
Stuart Shaw7-5X 
Carmen Sych2-10X 
Victor OcampoX5-7 
Paul Barrette4-84-87-5X 
BOX 3Glenda HouseJulian ForrestKlaus PortzGray SwicegoodAlex Dinu 
Glenda HouseX7-55-72-10 
Julian Forrest5-7X 
Klaus PortzX3-9 
Gray Swicegood7-5X6-6 
Alex Dinu10-29-36-6X 
BOX 4Evgeny VoutchkovTrevor PersiMel DavidJeremy JamilanoMartin Staub 
Evgeny VoutchkovX6-64-8 
Trevor PersiX4-83-9
Mel DavidX6-6 
Jeremy Jamilano6-68-4X 
Martin Staub8-49-3X 
BOX 5Jonathan PullinCarlos FernandezRicardo LartigaJulian Castro-RaeMelanie MobiusKathy Turnock 
Jonathan PullinX6-6 
Carlos FernandezX5-73-9 
Ricardo LartigaX 
Julian Castro-RaeX8-4 
Melanie Mobius7-5
Kathy Turnock6-69-3
BOX 6Walker BesharahJosh AuScott CaleNancy HuntSteven LamotheAlex Yu 
Walker BesharahX 
Josh AuX7-59-2 
Scott Cale5-7X6-6
Nancy HuntX 
Steven Lamothe6-6X 
Alex Yu2-9X 
BOX 7Jeremy RossiterJohn CottonJohn DavisHarry EhrenholzGreta LevyRobert Troyer-Riel Rick Jolley
Jeremy RossiterX7-5 7-5
John CottonX8-4 
John DavisX8-4 9-3
Harry EhrenholzX 
Greta Levy4-8X 
Robert Troyer-Riel5-74-8X 6-6
Rick Jolley5-73-96-6 X
BOX 8Anna LamJulie CormierCandace Heck
Anna LamX3-9 
Julie CormierX 
Candace Heck9-3X 


    Rules and Information:
  • Participants must play a minimum of three matches each month/round to remain in the Box League.
  • Participants must play 12 games, or if the courts are full, as many as possible within a 45 minute time frame.
  • Scores can be recorded in the office after your match, or submitted by email to: Please provide your name, the name of your opponent, your box number, and the final score in your email submissions. 
  • Deadline for July will be July 31.